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Crisp helps Brands convert consumers into Fans.

Crisp creates and extends the core story of the Brand across multiple media platforms, building an immersive experience that increases brand loyalty.

Our belief is that a great story is what sets apart a successful Brand*  from just any brand.
A great story determines whether your consumers are also your fans*
And a great story is the difference between short-term thinking and long-term success*.

Crisp creates dynamic, multidimensional, participatory and relevant stories that build communities around Brands and their fans through the co-creation of value across a diverse media landscape.

At Crisp, we consistently observe and study existing and emergent media technologies and platforms as well as the 'consumers' these platforms claim to reach. Our research and experience has informed a participatory approach to all our storytelling projects. We understand that the traditional definitions of 'audiences' or 'viewers' are no longer relevant in the digital age. The access and opportunities provided by new media technologies have nurtured a generation of grass-root authors, creators and producers that have their own opinions and voices, and are eager to share them with anyone who is willing to listen.

We listen. And we find that sometimes, the best value you can add to your 'consumers' life is to understand their context and to ensure that your product/service/entertainment property is relevant and meaningful to them.

Crisp takes pride in being the vanguard of this innovative and mutually beneficial co-creation of value.

  • The Story Universe

    At Crisp, we create stories with endless beginnings. Our formula is something like this: Passion for storytelling + Insights into user behaviour + Knowledge of media platforms = The Story Universe

  • Original Properties:

    Crisp works with talented individuals and companies to produce entertainment properties that are transmedia-enabled from their inception through strategic planning and artful execution.

The following are projects that Priti (Founder of Crisp) has led or worked on in the recent past:

  • Brand Consulting for Anil Kapoor

    Renowned Bollywood celebrity Anil Kapoor is a prolific entertainer who has carved a niche for himself in the Indian film industry as well as internationally.

  • Daly College

    Daly College is a co-educational, residential public school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

  • Café Rio

    Café Rio, a new entrant in the instant coffee market, wants to redefine the coffee-drinking experience in India by curating the finest beans.

  • NDTV Prime/VOLVO XC Adventures

    A 13-episode reality show on NDTV’s Auto Prime brought together 12 contestants who were paired up into 6 teams to drive Volvo’s premium SUV XC60 through the wilderness and beyond.

  • East Los High

    "East Los High", an online teen drama original to Hulu, follows the trials and tribulations of a group of Latino teens living in East Los Angeles.

  • Innovative Ideators

    Innovative Ideators is a crowdsourcing company that leverages the wisdom of 'relevant crowds' to provide innovative solutions to its clients.

  • Flotsam

    A transmedia experience to extend the Flotsam picture book created by a Caldecott Award winning author.

  • DBooks

    As Chief Publishing Officer,
    Priti led The Alchemist's research and development in the field of digital publishing practices.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned projects (with the exception of R&D of DBooks) are in various stages of development and are the properties of The Alchemists Transmedia Storytelling Company, LA/Rio. Priti's involvement in these projects was in the capacity of the Director of Story Development and Chief Publishing Officer.

Priti Agrawal

Founder and Chief Storyteller

Priti is a serial storyteller. All her life she has obsessively sought different ways and means of telling stories.

In her most recent exploration of the business of storytelling, she worked with some of the most creative minds in the field of Transmedia Storytelling in Los Angeles, California, after having completed a dual master's degree from USC (University of Southern California), Los Angeles and LSE (London School of Economics), London.

Reach Priti at +91 90096 60202 or email her at priti@crispstories.com

Sanjana Parmar

Social Media Jedi (in training)

Sanjana is passionate about writing and is an art enthusiast. The power of social media in connecting people and creating brands fascinates her.

Sanjana has worked in various different fields related to the arts like theatre, liberal arts etc. She has completed her Bachelors in Arts with English Honors and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in English Literature.

Stories - verbal, written, enacted, drawn or sung, have historically been the modes of communication between one generation and the next. Through stories we learn about the journeys of the past, document our present as it transpires, and continue to share our hopes for the future with those who will repeat this cycle in their time. Stories have the power to sustain and nurture growth. And we have made it our business to master the art of storytelling.

Contact us: Priti +91 9009660202 or drop in a line to info@crispstories.com